Just a few months in and Wow!!

Oh my, the past couple of months have been incredible. Not only did we put together an incredible team of people with very large brains but we managed to get some of the brightest and most experienced.

In the short time the team has been together we have put in place a list of incredible technologies on the development path but like all things in business a priority task came along, Covid19 technology.

As a result and because of a large government grant encouraging super clever people to come up with and design some real game changing technologies to make working in Covid19 World far far easier and much safer.

The team has devised an incredible bit of combined technologies and is to partner with a World leading engineering company in the next month. We can't tell you too much as we need to get some additional work done behind the scenes, but we hope to get it completed and market ready this side of Christmas!!

Until next week!!

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