Say good bye to Covid19 and other future Pandemics

Okay so recognised early on in 2020 the need for safe Covid free work spaces and developed a number of designs for mobile PODs complete with anti-pathogen technology. However, we quickly realised that this was getting too complex and costly so we back to basics and despite a number of Innovate UK applications we were unable to raise funds to develop the designs into testing stage.

What we did though was to work closely with the Worlds two only leading authorities on Far-UVC technology, the only form of UVC that is safe to humans. UV light has been used for many years to kill pathogens but until a few years ago the use of UV with humans in the same space was impossible. This has all changed with the research and development that has gone into understand Far-UVC that uses the wave length 222 nano meters.

There are plenty of research papers on Far-UVC so i won't force you to read them here!! What i can do is show you the incredible British technology that has been developed by our partners Aerocare/Biocare, specialists in the aviation industry.

Now with the Far-UVC tile lamps, that kills covid19 in 6 seconds or less, can be installed in shops, cafes, offices, restaurants, airports, etc keeping safe those spaces of any pathogen on a person, surface or airborne.

Also, Aerocare has developed a metal detector style gate that kills pathogens on a person in under six seconds. It is simple, just have these gates at airport arrivals, or venue entrances, or building reception areas and use this to decontaminate a person. Along with a scanned Health passport, this combined platform will virtually eradicated all risks of spreading pathogens such as Covid.

This is all very clever stuff, but what does the government think? Well, the SAGE Committee is already engaged along with the world's leading expert in Far-UVC Dr Brenner of Colorado University.

I would expect that in five years time, this technology will be everywhere which will free us from lockdowns and allow us to go about our lives as we have hoped.

Far UV Tunnel Short version
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FarUV Lamp sheet confidential ALL Feb21
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UEC Far-UVC Tile Gates cost table
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